Example Product - Landing Page
Your very own shiny, sparkly, professionally branded landing page, ready to launch in two weeks after receipt of required materials, background information, and completion of the ID & SPIN 20 Questions.
Coming soon
Coming soon
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Your Landing Page Includes:
• Minimal logo design (if needed)
• Twelve months hosting included (renewable at $120/year)
• Unique Branding & Imagery
• Page Architecture & Design
• Promo/Offer/Feature Section
• Call To Action Section
• Features & Benefits Section
• About Section
• Online Store Set-Up (detailed product information to be done by you, maximum 300 products)
• Basic Contact Form (Advanced forms can be integrated for an additional cost - let us know if you need something more)
• Blog Setup (You can choose to blog or not at any time)
• Multiple Pages (if you need additional pages you can have up to 20 total!)
• Initial Launch Post (use on your blog here or anywhere)
• Social Media Feeds
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